Class Details, Dates & Booking

Most classes are suitable for complete novices and cost £100. To book a class, express interest or arrange a bespoke class or demonstration  get in touch with Rachael. There may be a couple of days delay in response due to locum GP work.

  • Beautiful-Bread-for-Beginners

    Great British Breads

    Suitable for the complete novice, for rusty bread makers and for anyone who wants to bake beautiful bread at home. Soft ham and cheese wraps, multi-seeded rye, white cottage loaf and a sweet spiced / fruited braid.

  • Beer-Bread-and-Sausages

    Beer, Bread and Sausages

    This class is full of big flavours. Great for mates. No fuss and no experience necessary. Oat and ale bread to mop up a stew, crusty beer bread for cheese and pickles, rolls for the BBQ and garlic, potato and clotted cream focaccia. Perfect after exercise and washed down with a cool glass of beer!

  • cider-and-sourdough

    Cider and Sourdough

    A match made in heaven! Longer, slower fermentation using a sourdough starter (created by the yeasts and bacteria floating around your kitchen) produces breads rich in flavour with an open crumb and deep, crispy crust. Best for bakers who've already attended a basic class.

  • Festive-treats

    Festive Treats

    Held in the weeks leading up to Christmas and Easter, these classes are dedicated to breads enriched with butter and eggs, spiced with nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon, jewelled with nuts and fruits - and topped with sugary naughtiness. Places are limited so please book early.

  • Breads-of-the-Middle-East

    Breads of the Middle East

    Breads of Asia and the Middle East. Discover the joy of baking fresh pitta bread and naan, paper thin lavash, soft light barbari and Tsoureki (a delicious sweet spiced Greek bread)

  • bread-americas

    Breads of the Americas

    Immigrants from across the world imported their culture, traditions and breads to America. Challah, bagels, pretzels, San Francisco Sourdough. Go easy on breakfast before you come - you'll be making American pancakes at midday.

  • Gluten free

    Gluten Free

    Discover the secrets of baking truly GF breads with great flavour and texture. Super soft white bread and burger rolls, rosemary and tomato focaccia, walnut and apricot soda bread and buckwheat blinis. For Coeliacs and their families.

  • Afternoon tea

    Traditional Cottage Baking

    Hot buttered crumpets, Devonshire Splits with raspberry jam and clotted cream, hot cross buns, a soft milk loaf for dainty sandwiches and dainty dinner rolls. All washed down with a nice cup of tea or a glass of prosecco!

  • Continental breads

    Continental Breads

    Learn to work with a French dough to shape baguettes, Pain D'epi and Fougasse, bake a rich and flavoursome rye loaf and create seriously impressive flaky, buttery croissants...

Current classes

Please get in touch with Rachael to book a place. Ensure that you read the change / cancellation policy before booking. Payment by cheque or BACS please

  • Tuesday June 6th
    Continental Breads
  • Tuesday June 20th
    Great British Breads
  • Tuesday July 11th
    Great British Breads
  • Tuesday September 5th
    Great British Breads
  • Friday October 13th
  • Friday October 24th
    Breads of the Middle East
  • Tuesday November 7th
    Continental Breads
  • Tuesday November 21st
    Festive Breads
  • Tuesday December 5th
    Festive Breads


Micro Bakery Dates

Friday 27th January
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